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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 1, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EST

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ringing in the new year. the world welcoming 2011 as nearly a million people filled times square. we'll look at the festivities just ahead. and a post card from hawaii. the latest on the president's vacation, just as he plans on returning to the white house with big business ahead for the year. assessing the damage, a day after apparent twisters hit the southwest, what early warning signs did the residents get there, if any. plus this -- ♪ shake it up ♪ wake up your happiness ♪ it's christmastime >> yeah, the holidays are over, but we're going to look at some of the best and worst ads of the season. good morning to you, everybody. i hope you're having a very good new year so far. times square on the first day of 2011. this is a live look, by the way,
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in the aftermath. the stark contrast of just ten hours ago when a massive crowd rang in the new year there. nbc's maria ski am po joins us now. >> one of the best parties in the world. about a million people packed into times square to see that ball drop. before we get to that, take a look at this. cleaning screws hit the streets right after midnight. and this is what all those re l revelers were waiting for. >> three, two, one! >> and besides the million who showed up in person, millions more watched the ball drop on tv around the world. and there were some big preparations this year for that popular event. city workers had to shovel the remnants of that 20-inch plus snowstorm that hit the city earlier this week. there were also an array of
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anti-terrorism from bomb sniffing dogs to radiation detecting helicopters. a moon pie drop in alabama. that descended from the top of the rsa trust building in downtown mobile. that was followed up by fireworks as if the moon pie wasn't enough and a laser light display. and that is a giant peach dropping there in georgigeorgia. 100,000 gathered there for that event. the peach drop finished off a day-long festival in the atlanta area. let's head out west to washington state. an amazing display of fireworks were set off from seattle's famous space needle. it takes more than a week to set up all the fireworks and just eight minutes to set them off. las vegas also showed off its glitz and glamour with a fireworks display that illuminated the entire strip and 300,000 people gathered to watch that impressive celebration. speaking of moon pie, last hour,
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the two ofs us with all of our culinary knowledge couldn't figure out what was in one. >> a good friend of ours. >> yes. graham crackers, marshmallow filling dipped in chocolate. >> our moon pie expert. but they're dropping moon pies now? come on. as part of the stuff that was being dropped a lot of confetti. >> a whole lot. 2,000 pounds this year. and they had the -- the new thing this year where people could write their wishes on confetti and toss them out. >> not a new way of cleaning up. >> not the way you probably want to start your year, but listen, work is work. >> i'm going to go get my moon pie right now. that's what i'm going to do. now to the weather and a stormy last week of 2010 from coast to coast. blizzards, flooding, tornadoes here in the northeast. a mild start to 2011, a week after the region was walloped by a major storm. no longer do you see snow on the streets here. bill karins, really a sort of
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shocking development for the new year. >> unexpected tragedy. five different states had tornadoes, six fatalities, lee in arkansas and three of the other ones were in missouri. we had tornadoes last night in mississippi. a wild last 24 hour. the little triangles on the map show where the tornadoes were reported. in and around st. louis, a lot of damage. a rough 24 hours in st. louis. those sirens were going off. mississippi, scary this time of year. we don't have a lot of daylight. nights are long and it's dark. severe weather at night is very dangerous. the storm spotters can't tell you in advance where tornadoes are. you are kind of running blind. the weather map, there's rain coming up through areas of alabama. alabama probably is the worst rainy weather out there. there's not a lot of snow, blowing snow in the northern plains. the blizzard conditions are ending, still windy, still very cold but the snow is not falling any more in minnesota and the dakotas. as far as the rain goes in the ohio valley, it looks to be on the lighter side. we still have one more hour to
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go in our tornado watch. that's the area in red. we haven't had reported tornados in five hours. looks like we're well past the worst of it. we still have a chance for one or two more. all eyes are on pittsburgh. they're going to try to play an outdoor hockey game. originally sked julied for noon. they can't play in the rain with 50-degree temperatures. temperatures will be dropping this evening. it should get that game in later on. 8:00 on nbc. as far as the forecast goes for today, you notice very warm air out ahead of that storm system. 53 in boston. you can wear like shorts and t-shirts in boston at 53. we'll melt a good chunk of that snow today and tomorrow up in new england. >> so strange to see the red watch boxes this time of year. >> it happens. and very rare. >> thank you, sir. more on what bill was telling us about, those deadly twisters. six people dead including three who were killed in a small town of cincinnati, arkansas.
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now, let's go to weather channel's julie martin who is live there, been covering that for us. one of the questions might be here, julie, is did they get warning any of the people that are in that town? >> yeah. in fact, the answer to that question, richard, is no. this is such a rural area that those sirens just didn't reach them. the timing couldn't have been worse coming just about 6:00 in the morning on a holiday for many people yesterday as they were sleeping in. i wanted to show you this, though. this is a piece of metal i picked up from the volunteer fire station here. see how it's twisted. you can see how the tornado just twisted it around, that rotation coming through quite strong on yesterday morning. in fact, the national weather service has preliminarily rated this an ef-3, which means those winds were upwards of 140 mile-an-homiles an hour and the width was 300 to 500 yard. we're talking about a very small area, about 100 homes here.
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and about 24 of them actually impacted, about a quarter of this area impacted by this tornado. as you mentioned, six fatalities total, three here, among them an elderly couple who had lived here their entire lives and were in their mobile home when this tornado came through yesterday morning. so a sad start to the new year here in arkansas, richard. a lot of cleanup to be done. >> yeah, unfortunately. thank you. julie martin following that story for us. new this morning, president obama is resolving to do everything he can to help the economy improve this year. the president releasing his weekly address this morning from hawaii. there have been encouraging reports in the past few months that suggest the economy is gaining traction. >> our most important task now is to keep that recovery going. as president, that's my commitment to you. to do everything i can to make sure our economy is growing, creating jobs and strengthening our middle class. that's my resolution for the coming year. >> the president is expected back in washington on tuesday.
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the 112th congress will be sworn in on wednesday. we're also following a developing store from russia where a russian passenger jet caught fire and later exploded at a siberian airport there. this happened just a couple of hours ago. one person was killed and ten others injured. but the 117 people on board were then safely evacuated before the explosion. officials say the fire began in one of the engines as the plane taxied for takeoff there. also for you this morning, developing at the moment, a riot at a prison just outside london, england. it began midnight local time when 40 inmates started rioting at the prison in west suss ex. they smached windows, fire alarms went off. fire started to consume some of the barracks. staff fled the section of the prison that was being affected. and special police and prison officers were then called in. no reports of injuries. we'll bring you more details as this story continues to develop. gas prices have been
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steadily rising. and there may be more pain at the pump ahead in the new year. jay gray has more. >> reporter: as thousands make the holiday trip home, they'll face a pretty rough road to start 2011. snow and ice will make driving dangerous, difficult and, in some places, impossible, but even in areas where the weather is perfect, the price at the pump is not. >> when you're retired and on a limited income, it makes it a little tougher to travel. >> reporter: right now the national average is 3.07 a gallon. over $3 for the first time since 2008 and up nearly 40 cents since labor day. half of that increase coming in the last month. >> yeah, going higher and higher. i drive all day long. so it really affects me and my job and my pocketbook. >> reporter: an effect that most analysts agree will linger. >> and for 2011, unfortunately, the consumer is going to see an average price of $3 a gallon. >> reporter: that increase will put a strain on many and not
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only behind the wheel. >> so you got to work a little extra hours at work and everything. but i mean, kind of a big choice gas or food. >> reporter: those forced to stay in a bit more, especially in the northeast, will also face the higher fuel bill at home. >> we've seen a significant rise in heating oil price. >> reporter: just one more sign that will likely be a long, cold and costly winter. jay gray, nbc news. a new year with high hopes. the results of a new poll on what americans want from 2011, and then to russia, with love. more on anna chapman's big reveal on a tv talk show. plus what lies ahead for the economy this year. five signs that show things are looking good.
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the mega millions lotto drawing is about to get even bigger. thousands snapping up last-minute tickets for the drawing last night. the jackpot $242 million. but nobody took that money home. nobody won. the odds of winning were about 1 in 176 million. here's a look by the way at the winning number. 10, 12, 13, 35, 56 and the mega ball number is 9. the next drawing will take place on tuesday. and it will be worth $290 million. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> that's right. party big time. americans ringing in 2011 with higher hopes about the state of the world but less hope for their personal lives. this is according to a new poll released this week. 63% say they are hopeful for 2011, and what it has in store for the world.
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that's up 12 points from december. 35% say they are fearful. and when it comes to their personal live, though, 64% say they are hopeful, that's down from 69% of americans who felt that way about last year. i'm joined live by pat buchanan and democratic strategist peter fe fenn. happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year. >> pat, start with this. what do you make of the polls about how they feel good about what's around them but when it comes to home base, not so good. what does that mean for the president or what he has to do? >> we're going through a very rough two years and americans are basically an optimistic people. so they're somewhat hopeful, but you take a look at that one-third of the nation basically is not hopeful at all. with regard to the president and the congress, you know, i think they've got baked in the cake their big stimulus bill at the end of the year with the tax cuts, et cetera. and i think we're going to have a brawl basically in the coming year over where we're going to
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have to cut the budget, richard, to deal with this deficit, which is enormous. my fear, quite frankly is you look around and you see these municipal bonds in real peril all over the country and you see states approaching default. and there ain't going to be a second bailout for the states if they start defaulting. >> we're looking at this -- and depending on the study 45 to 50 states just not being able to balance their budget. peter, this statistic from that poll as well. and the question was asked of these individuals, do you think president obama's policies will succeed or fail? 47% said fail. succeed, 44%. which of the policies of president obama do you think needs to succeed? is it the budget? >> well, i think it's the economy and it's jobs, and as pat says, to a certain extent the budget issues are going to come up right away because congress just only extended the
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budget for a couple months. they've really got to deal with this. they've got to figure out where they are going to cut and what they're going to do quickly. so -- but the biggest issue out there right now, i think, richard is, you know, are people going to feel secure about getting a job if they don't have one? or holding a job if they've got one? and you know, this is tricky stuff. i mean, we have been battered the last two years. one out of four americans have been without a job at some point within the last 18 months. there's still fear out there. but look, you have all the economic predictions that are positive. you've got growth predictions that are. you up. >> you've got a situation where when this begins to sink in, as you point out at the beginning, it's the general issues, then it's specific. when folks say, you know, the country's going now doing
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better, it's going to affect me personally. that's when the president's numbers will come up. >> pat do you on this. because also on this poll, i want to share this one last result here. do you hope president obama's policies will succeed or fail? now, this question was asked, and 61% said that they hope that his policies succeed. so is this a result of that, shall i say, wind in the president's sails after some very good progress in the lame duck? >> well, it's not only that. first, of course, the democratic party would really want him to succeed. but most americans say, do you want the president to succeed? they say, of course i do. but if he takes a specific issue, do you want to get this program through, you got a problem. i don't credit too much with that poll. but let me say peter's right. the stock market looks good, the equities are help, the christmas sales look good, but then you see these other numbers come in. the foreclosures are up. housing prices continue to fall.
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and you got bank of america's got these problems. so there's good news and there's bad news. but i think, richard, if i had to put it down to anything, american people are basically optimistic and hopeful people. what surprises me, quite frankly is how many of us remain, very, very negative. >> peter, last to you then, is it all going to be as what pat's saying here, it's going to be about the economy, it's going to be jobs. gitmo, immigration, although those are key issues for the president in 2011, for us as voters and those that are out there, that's not going to be a concern? >> i think it will mostly be about the economy, richard. and you know, if people are hopeful that their personal situations are getting better, look, they're going to see more money in their paychecks because of the cut in the social security payroll tax. they're going to see no taxes are going up on the federal level, that's for sure. i don't think too many states will be racing taxes either. so folks say, look, i got a
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chance, things are going to get better. the congress is working together with the president. we're seeing a little more cooperation. and again, the stock market predictions for next year are good. the growth predictions are good. pat said, they're right. bad news out there, too, that we have to take into consideration. but i think that folks are hopeful, no question. >> pat buchanan, peter fenn, thank you very much. go on and have a good new year. >> keep hope alive, richard. >> all right, guys. have a good one. new criticism in the plan to release two sisters from prison. they were serving life sentences for their roles in an $11 armed robbery. >> plus five reasons to be optimistic.
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2011 is starting on a positive note for the economy,
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especially in two key areas that you may have been watching. jobs and the stock market. for the first time in nearly 2 1/2 years, for instance, the number of americans filing first time claims cropped to 388,000. that's offering new hopes about jobs in the new year. and it was another great year for the stock market. the dow climbing 11% and the tech heavy nasdaq soaring 17%. also s&p at 13 points up. i'm joined by rick knewman for u.s. news & world report. you're positive about it. >> i think there are a few. for starter, if you survived the recession without major damage, you didn't get laid off or you weren't out of work for a long time, you're in pretty good shape for 2011. you might feel like thins are getting back to normal. >> the jobs report, the monthly is key. >> that's right. we're seeing this trend toward a little bit more hiring. so we're seeing sort of baby steps back for the type of hire ing we see. we need to see that ramp up in 2011. big companies have the money to hire people. just basically waiting for business to pick up.
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they need a reason to hire people. >> most critics are saying when you start spending, we start getting more jobs. >> they just don't need the people yet. they're waiting for business to pick up. even small businesses are finally saying we're a little more optimistic. if we see spending pick up and business pick up, they'll be hiring people for sure. >> is it just a number when we look at the dow? because it seems so removed from what we experience every day. >> the dow is not just a number. that has a direct impact on how people are feeling about their well-being. when the stock market bottomed out in 2009, we had two years of run-up since then. that's wealth that people lost during the recession. especially that home ek will etd wealth which is sml going down. those stock market gains have made people feel that they've been able to rebuild their retirement fund. that gets them to think, hey, i'm a little more comfortable spending money. >> they're not as scared to go
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online and see how their retirement accounts are doing. that's a simple positive note there. another bright note, we look at numbers. is retail spending. we're supposed to be austere. that was one of the words of the year. >> we haven't made up our mind yet. yeah, right. >> some months where we're saving a lot of money, then some months, we say, the heck with it, let's go and make ourselves feel better. holiday season, good retail sales. they were where they were right before the recession. we still have a lot of ground to make up. the economy in that regard hasn't grown as at since then. we need to see this consistently. but the catch here, of course, is that people really do need to save more money. because they do need to rebuild wealth that they've lost. >> and pay down debt. >> and pay down debt, right. >> the fourth reason to be optimistic is what you just mentioned. >> yeah. >> saving. >> that's right. so we're going to have this tension between shall we save more or spend it? and of course the irony here is the economy wants, needs spending, but people need to
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save. that's really one thing that people need to do more of. >> one kind of begets the other. the housing market. you talked about jobs at the top. >> they affect each other in each direction. and this is one thing that has not straightened itself out yet. we're probably going to see home prices continue to fall a little more in 2011. and maybe the housing bust will finally end with 2011. >> which will you think correct first? jobs or the housing market? >> i think jobs have to come first. because people have to feel comfortable that they're going to have a job and a paycheck for the next six, 12 and 18 months before they're going to make that big commitment for a house. so that's really what has to come first. that will get the numbers of people off the sidelines and buying homes. we need to get this thing turned around. >> you're feeling good, aren't you? >> i think it's the most optimistic we've been for a few years. but there's still some things that have gone wrong. a lot of people not enjoying this party yet. 15 million unemployed. a long time before we get that number down to where it needs to be. >> we hope they do join the
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it pays to switch, it pays to discover. even a world away in afghanistan, troops taking time to celebrate the new year. they gathered in kabul to mark the start of 2011. now more than nine years into the war in that country. homeland security secretary janet napolitano traveled there to ring in the new year with the troops. we're live there right now. ali, what's the big picture goal here from the trip with nap oat itte itteno? >> hi, richard. the main purpose was to secure the border. secretary napolitano had meetings with president karzai, his interior minister, the finance minister to discuss
10:34 am
exactly how to security this border and how to further secure the country which has ha knock-on effect on u.s. security. that was the primary goal of her visit here today. >> what is being done to increase the security along the dangerous part of that afghan/pakistan border that you're alluding to there? >> reporter: well, i mean, the plan here is to help the afghans with training, with facilities, with equipment. but it's a very, very daunting task. it's a huge porous border, it's extremely dangerous. over these last almost ten years of this war, the taliban have just been flowing in and out of there. and the u.s.-led nato forces haven't been able to stem that flow. huge amounts of opium across the border which gives the taliban money. so it's a very, very difficult task. i mean, it's been -- 2010 has been such a bloody year here for u.s. troops. 700 nato troops killed here in
10:35 am
2010, 500 of them u.s. troops. that's because one of those main reasons is because that border is very, very unsecure. so it's a major, major task. and the plan is in four years time to hand over the security to the afghans, which looks bleak for 2011. back to you, richard. >> ali arouzi, live there in afghanistan. thank you very much. from anti-terror efforts in afghanistan to stepped-up security here at home, just one tip is now enough to land your name on a government watch list, according to "the washington post." officials say the new approach is key to stopping terror attacks, but civil liberties groups argue it goes too far. joining us right now is counterterrorism expert errol suters. you might recall that he was the president's pick for assistant secretary of the tsa. what's the response to this new development and what could get you on the watch list? >> well, good morning, richard. now what could get you on a watch list is one tip if deemed credible. and what this will mean is that we'll have quicker access to
10:36 am
informati information. i know how easy it is for a person to be claimed as a terrorist having worked at chief of terrorism at l.a.x. and so one tip will give a person one identity, will be able to reduce the frequency of mismatched names. this database, by the way, has been improved greatly over the last several years. i know there were some challenges with it. but it appears going forward, it will be able to help us with human intelligence, that human element is very, very important to us as we look for the bomber instead of the bomb. >> that was some of the criticism about the current procedures that are in place. recently we have the scanners, the full body scanners as well as the pat-down procedures. some are saying think smarter, go for, again, as you were saying, go to the humans. >> we do have to think smarter.
10:37 am
technology is always good, but if we're finding a bomb or an explosive device at an airport, that's too late. it's interesting that al qaeda this week released an english language explosives course online. so they understand as a result of the drone strikes this past year, twice as many drone strikes in 2010 as 2009. and they are actually asking their operatives to attack more frequently smaller operations, smaller timelines to plan because they understand how difficult it is to move around the world and we're going to be increasing our intelligence efforts to thwart those attacks and disrupt those efforts. >> one tip gets you on the watch list. critics are s are saying this vs our civil liberties. is their orgment sound? >> the argument is sound in some respects. certainly no one wants to be detained unnecessarily. but i do have to say that there are a list being held.
10:38 am
that terrorism screening center receives about 50 to 75 inquiries per day at law enforcement from individuals who have been detained in traffic stop, pedestrian stops to determine whether they are the interest of our country or others and whether they should be released on taken into custody. so we have to get better at working through human intelligence. we need the public's support. and they have to be patient and become part of the security system and work with us on these efforts. >> so on balance, this new rule that was being reported in "the washington post," you would say is good? >> i think this new rule is good. i think it's going to require some evolution as we go forward. it was scheduled to be released last month. and i know there's some tests that are ongoing. it is now scheduled for release this month. i think the new rule is going to help us. we have to start increasingly human element. we have to get better at looking for people and not devices. >> counterterrorism expert errol
10:39 am
southers, thank you very much. >> thank you, richard. happy new year. >> you too. new developments in the controversial decision to free two sisters from prison as long as one donates a kidney to the other. for the last 16 years supporters have called for the release of gladys and jamie scott. they were sentenced for stealing $11 from two men. but in a deal brokered with haley barbour, the two women will soon be released in exchange for a kidney transplant. jamie scott needs a kidney and her sister gladys says she wants to donate one of hers. let's bring in our legal panel to weigh in on this. jay fahey, a defense attorney and former federal prosecutor and karen desoto is a defense attorney and former prosecutor as well. good morning to both of you. jay, let's start with you. this is very interesting, a kidney being involved in this deal. >> these are two sisters. they were both convicted in the same offense.
10:40 am
but i don't understand why governor barbour did this. they made them getting released contingent on a kidney operation. that is the equivalent of -- it's the equivalent of almost selling a kidney. if you give someone else, a kidney, we're going to give you your freedom, we're going to let you out of jail. the way i look at this, this is very much against public policy and a requirement like this is actually unconstitutional because it really is cruel and unusual punishment. >> karen, part of this is that the sisters wanted this part of the deal? >> right. well, because in a lot of it with organ transplant, you don't want people to exchange money. however, they're exchanging their liberty, which is probably i think a higher cost to you personally, obviously. they wanted it because they wanted to get out of prison. you don't mutilate the constitution to commute somebody's sentence. there's other ways to do it. >> but is it barter? >> absolutely. quid pro quo. you give a kidney, you get out of jail. instead of making it a mitigating circumstance, a
10:41 am
medical release or early release, which is the way it should have been done, they made it a condition. you can't sterilize people, you can't take their organs and you can't buy children. we have federal statutes on it, each state has state statutes. so how this oversight came into this agreement is beyond me. >> jay, pipe in on that. oversight or lack thereof in the process. it gets vetted by many people. >> parole board reviewed this, then went to the governor's office, governor -- i'm sure haley barbour's staff reviewed this. all they had to do was leave the kidney part out of the deal and say in the interests of justice these people have spent 16 years in jail for an $11 -- >> have you seen this before? >> i've never seen this before. >> a kidney being part of it. >> never before. in a rape case, if you can't have chemical castration as a requirement for someone to get out on probation. cruel and unusual punishment. >> you can't force somebody to have an operation. we'll let you out, mutilate your
10:42 am
body. that's just not -- >> you guys have looked into this obviously. there's numbers behind this, too. >> here's the thing. one of the, you know, not conspiracy theory but maybe one of the motivations behind that is that a person on dialysis in prison costs $190,000 per year. therefore, if somebody while we're in a recession, we're doing number crunching, maybe the state budget, they want this person on medicaid and out of the state system. there's a good way to remove some of your costs. not that the governor would do that, but obviously sometimes people do look at the financial angle. if you can remove people from dialysis from your budget, that's a big chunk of money. >> what an interesting case, guys. >> the other real issue is we don't know if there's a tissue match. >> that's another question. if they don't match, where do you go from there? >> and then do you send the donor back to jail? >> this is something they should have done prior to releasing them. >> we've got to keep pulling the thread. because this thing keeps on growing. >> happy new year. >> really interesting.
10:43 am
happy new year to you, too. we're learning new secrets from russia's sultry spy, anna chapman who was accused of espionage against the united states. she spoke out on russian television in her first public appearance since getting kicked out of the u.s. last summer. martin fletcher has details. >> reporter: she's packed quite a bit of living in her 28 years. sent back to russia in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. anna chapman or anya chapman as she's known back home, is busy creating a whole new persona. this is the price of failure, bring it on. anna chapman, humiliated russian spy in america, superstar at home. >> anna chapman. >> subject of an hour-long tv show. the spy finally revealed her secrets. she liked spy movies, may want to act and wants a pet lion. as for the question, were you a spy in her lips are sealed. but her life is quickly becoming
10:44 am
an open book. an adorable child. she loved ballet and gymnastics. won prizes for reciting poetry. but the tv show's host stayed on message. calling her a future russian mata hari. "i have a passion for shooting" chapman says. move over, james bond. anna chapman, cover girl. public face of the russian secret service. maybe they can teach us something ever all. >> do we have any spies that hot? >> let me make it clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back. >> reporter: it wasn't chapman's idea either. one of ten deported from the united states six months ago, accused of being russian spies. still on the show, she had fond memories. "new york, it's an amazing city. very interesting, very positive energy." she didn't have a bad word to
10:45 am
say about america. and seemed to enjoy an old boyfriend's memory. "anya was my first kiss, he says." anna chapman endearing herself to russia. the failed spy appears to be grooming herself for success in other fields. politics. amid great fanfare she became one of the leaders of the youth wing of prime minister putin's political party. her recipe for happiness in life, loving your motherland. though wealth and fame don't seem to hurt either. she thinks angelina jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world. and she, too, would like to act. the host asked her who she'd most like to act with in a james bond movie. her answer? just another star struck girl but the new face of russia. as for her dreams, remember, she wanted a pet lion? well, at the end of the show she was given a lion cub on a leash.
10:46 am
richard, may your dreams be fulfilled, too. >> my dreams aren't quite like hers, though. sticking to those new year's resolution, how some can save you money. but first -- ♪ shake it up ♪ shake up your happiness ♪ wake up your happiness ♪ come on ♪ it's christmastime >> all right. the best and the worst ads from the holiday season.
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as the new year comes the unofficial end to the holiday season. you'll be seeing fewer ads like this one here. >> alfonse? >> oh, hey. i mean, lance armstrong, we meet at last. i'm the green gifter. >> to be a real holiday hero, all you need is a great gift. >> yes. and with great gifts come great -- wait.
10:50 am
like what? >> like a really cool smart phone. >> we're joined with his guide to the best and worst ads of the holiday seasons. also the author of "the retail doctor's guide to growing your business." >> did you want to look like the green gifter? >> it was fun. >> lance armstrong, will he make it in the movies? did you believe him? >> i believed every word of that advertisement. look at that guy. he's a good buddy. >> and he goes on to take the call that it's about getting a double pizza or something. >> you didn't like it. >> you knew it was radio shack, the shack, it's not radio shack any more. >> the shack now. >> do you really want to get a warm and cuddly feeling and meet guys like that or end up in spandex. >> i'm just saying it's funny. what else made your worst list? >> the hyundai one. look, i get it that the band is pampa la muse and they're a real internet band for hipsters but doesn't translate for mass market like a car.
10:51 am
>> there's the mass market car that you're saying it does not translate to. what's happening in this ad? >> you tell me. what is it and what's the car and why is it in a living room and the girl is like pouty and -- >> no link, is what you're saying. >> i don't get it. take a band that's really popular on the internet, and we'll stick their brand on it and it will be cool. whereas in the best, with comb ka cola, they took train, and matched it to a great song. >> i want to play this one. that's on your top list for holiday ad. let's watch that. >> at planter's we know how to throw a holiday party and be a gracious host. no matter who shows up. >> richard, didn't think you were going to make it. >> sorry about last week. i don't know what got into me. >> well, forgive and forget, kind of. >> i don't think so.
10:52 am
>> okay. >> was that funnier than the other one? >> it was. i don't remember seeing it, though. >> that didn't get as much play time. the hyundai one was played all the time. that's part of what makes it worst is it gets grating after a while. that one started in thanksgiving and got some appeal to it. it made you last and you instantly got peanuts. iconic little guy. >> the nutcracker. funny. i changed my mind. i guess we do kind of remember the worst ones than the good once. >> about you all remember the coke one. >> because you always can remember that, which is your top favorite ad from the holidays. bob phipps, thank you. >> thank you. senators saying good-bye to capitol hill after decades of service. what were the lessons that he they learned?
10:53 am
traveling around the country, if you go throughout the day today, wet weather from new orleans down through areas of mississippi, alabama, into georgia this afternoon. also very cold and windy conditions in the northern plains where we're still recovering from our big blizzard over the last couple of days. a little bit of wet weather in san francisco.
10:54 am
10:55 am
one of the first orders of business for the new senate this
10:56 am
week could be to rewrite the rules of congress in order to prevent gridlock from endless filibusters. take a look at this graph in "the washington post" showing the number of cloture filings. cloture is a file basically when a majority starts to broke up a filibuster. the current senate filed 136 motions back in 2005 and 2006 it filed exactly half that amount. malika henderson is a political reporter with "the washington post." when you look at the numbers just from like the 1990s to today, a huge increase. >> yes. and that's exactly why the democrats are having a beef about this. they're essentially saying that the work of the nation, the work of the body of the senate has been slowed down by these constant filibusters. republicans are arguing that what's happened is that senator reid has essentially tried to block their debate and block amendments, so they want to keep these rules in place. the thing about the senate is it's very hard to change these rules. in many ways the spirit of
10:57 am
compromise has seemed to break out during the lame duck session when some legislation was passed along partisan lines. that may be disrupted when democrats propose to change these rules in the senate. >> if these rules are changed, will it really lead to more bipartisan work as the president was saying in his morning message today? >> well, the thing about it is it's actually not going to change how many votes needed to pass legislation because it will still be 60 and, of course, the democrats will come in with a lot fewer senators, 53-47. so i don't expect even if this does change, that there will be more bipartisanship. what will happen is that senators who really want to filibuster will essentially have to man up and stand on the floor and say that they disagree with this legislation. and it will also make it more difficult for senators to place blind holds on legislation in judicial nominees. so the hope is that it might ease some of these, especially judicial nominees a little bit.
10:58 am
this congress will face so many big ticket items, i don't think it will have that much effect. >> do you think that these reforms will be passed? >> i mean, it's going to be hard. the senate is very immune to change. the last major change happened in 1975. and so it's a body that very much likes to stick to tradition. so i think it's going to be very difficult to push this thing through. >> the numbers, staggering statistics there, the intimation of the filibuster certainly there. nia-malika henderson, thank you for that. >> thank you. a live report from honolulu.
10:59 am


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